Vipay aims to gather all banking and loyalty programs in one place. Through a 4 day Google design sprint, we defined and created a whole new product.



The project
4 day workshop was held based on Google’s design sprints. Vipay wanted to solve the user challenges of users increasing numbers of cards. As a loyalty program distributor they saw an opportunity to help their customers with a new service. A prototype was developed based on the design sprint. The design sprint proved to be key to focus the scope and see how end users responded to the solution.


Google Design Sprint

During the workshop, participants were guided through a number of tasks in different phases. The insight phase allows all participants to understand the need and the goal of the service. Based on this they produce a number of different ideas in order to solve user needs. 

The goal after the first few days is to design a storyboard which describes the user journey and lays the foundation for the prototype.


The solution
Together with the client a solid user journey and product was created. UX-colleague Martin and myself developed a high-end prototype which solves the user needs of the design sprint journey. The prototype was user tested with a very positive outcome and is soon to be in development. 


Vipay prototype