Sensio Welfare plattform

Sensio Welfare plattform brings smart home technology to the welfare sector for better health care, security and well being.

Sensio Welfare plattform


The project
Sensio is the leading provider of smart home technology to  thewelfare sector in Norway. The company started out with smart home technology back in 2009. Since then they have revolutionised the welfare sector by bringing new technology that helps patients, relatives and health care workers. The Sensio Welfare plattform connects sensors and equipment for the whole municipality with one interface for administration. 


Design system for input fields
Design system for input fields and states

The solution
The plattform simplifies registration and administration of sensors, patients, users and equipment. An advanced rule engines makes it possible for the municipality to route alarms and alerts to the right receiver. The plattform helps municipalities millions by lowering needed staff, travel to patients living at home and enables health workers to be mobile with alarms directly to their mobile phone.

Responsive web
Sensio Welfare platform as a responsive web solution