First Hotels

First Hotels is a leading Scandinavian hotel chain with unique hotels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Spain. As they put it; Your second home is First!

User research

The project

First Hotels’ website was not responsive, but mobile usage was steadily increasing. In order to optimize for mobile users before a long term major design overhaul we were hired to make a mobile website. The website was built as a separate /mobile website on their existing EPiServer plattform.

User research

We started by researching mobile user patterns in the hospitality industry. Research showed that the majority of bookings executed via mobile devices was booked within 48-72 hours of the stay, within a radius of 5 km and mostly with one occupant.

Photo by First Hotels

The result

Based on the user research the design was therefor focused on the minimum amount of clicks from first accessing the website to finalizing a booking. The website accesses the mobile’s GPS-tracker to find the nearest hotel. The input areas are pre-filled with the most likely alternatives – one occupant, staying the next day for one day.