Epim – License2Share

EPIM (Exploration & Production Information Management Assoiciation) is a non-profit membership organization governed by the operators within oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf.

User research
Information architecture

The project

Epim hosts and develops systems for operators, partners and the authorities with every license within oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf. Anything from logistics system to administrative tools.

Their collaborative information platform, License2Share, gives a joint plattform for all companies to work together as well as fulfill requirements of full access from the authorities to audit.

The system had been around for many years and had become outdated and needed upgrading to facilitate faster information flow, better interaction and user experience.

User research

License 2 Share accommodates a lot of information, work flows, integrations and roles. In order to optimize the user workflow and information flow we conducted extensive mapping of the current system as well as user interviews.

The user interviews gave us in depth knowledge about the challenges they faced in their everyday workday. From having to assist other users, slow internet connection and file structures.

Improving workflows

Mapping out the functions and structure of the system was a large part of the redesign process. A lot of the functionality in the system was little used or hidden.

The user interface got a major overhaul in terms of visual design and information architecture. Functionality that was not used was removed, and desired (but hidden) functionality was made easily available for the users.

The result

The redesign of the system has been greatly appriciated by users. Loading time of the system has improved with a new back end system and refactoring the codebase.

Estimates show that users experience 30% less administration and IT savings of up to 50%.

License2Share is currently being used by over 50 organisations and apart from the Norwegian continental shelf is also used in seven other countries.

Photo by L.C. Nøttaasen

Photo by OLF/Tom Haga